These are the last five books I’ve read and regretted that they came to an end (why do books do that? So annoying.) I could read these authors endlessly. In no particular order:


• Not Bad People by Brandy Scott - Brandy’s debut novel is easily as compelling as Big Little Lies, which isn’t my genre of choice (confession: I like a dragon or at least some form of mythical monster) but Brandy has won me over. I really rooted for her three protagonists, cringed at their f***ed up life choices and was genuinely invested in how her clever plot twists would affect these women. In short I desperately cared about the lives Brandy created.

• Strange The Dreamer and Muse of Nightmares by Laini Taylor – how anyone can have the lyrical way with words that Laini Taylor does, combined with such magical storytelling, blows my mind. Her writing glistens with sentences as alluring as little jewels strung together on a narrative thread that pulls you on to its end (these are all-nighters so I read on a Kindle while Mr N is asleep and then buy the hard copy for the kids to discover in a few years). Just sublime.

• Nevernight and Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff – this is dark badassery that treads a moral tightrope so fine it could slice you in two. Which is precisely what Mia Corvere would do if she ever met any of the chicks in Brandy’s book. The third of the trilogy is out in September and honestly all of life may as well just hold its breath until then.




Poinsettia from Spinneys

Bag by Roger Vivier

Table by West Elm