Leo gives a tongue’s up to the raspberry and meringue pud at The Beach House

Leo gives a tongue’s up to the raspberry and meringue pud at The Beach House

It says a lot about my list of priorities that there are zero pictures of what we ate at The Beach House at Anantara on The Palm in Dubai (other than Leo licking the remnants of my raspberry, meringue, ice-cream concoction).

I love food, I am just not very good at taking pictures of it (generally too busy eating it). Anyhoo, the meal was great, particularly the puddings, and the menu spanned 2-year-old (pizza-based diet) through to adult (seafood, steak, burrata… all the essentials).

But where The Beach House really wins is location; it’s right on the sand, which means that while the adults linger for hours over lunch/drinks/nibbles, the kids can build sandcastles and chase waves. It also serves a full menu straight through from midday to 1.30am, giving you complete flexibility over when you eat (and stop eating).

My dream afternoon is to rock up around 2pm and have a leisurely meal, before drifting home just after sunset. Yes, I can eat for five hours, this is why fries (and grapes) were invented.

Surprisingly few (licensed) places in Dubai are set up for this timing, and even fewer are on the beach. With family in town from London, being by the sea is kind of the point.

It’s not cheap (honestly what is in Dubai nowadays?) but The Beach House is in The Entertainer with two-for-ones on main courses and house drinks. Against a backdrop of Anantara’s Thai-style over-water pavilions it ticks off all my extremely-fussy-in-my-old-age requirements. Life’s a beach.